Wild Game Recipes, Texas Style!

These are not your dad's wild game recipes. What we have here are excellent recipes that will have your friends talking about your dinner for some time to come.

Wild game, including deer, wild boar, quail, wild chicken, pheasant, rabbit, and many wood dwelling critters, usually have a distinct taste that not everyone enjoys. Well friends and neighbors, we are here to change that! Cooking wild game meats is just as fun and tasty as other meats. Just wait and see!

We love grilling venison (deer meat). Our Venison backstrap has gotten consistent high marks everytime we prepare it. In fact some folks that just don't like to eat deer became converts after trying our grilled backstrap. Judge for yourself!

We are continuously adding new recipes for you. Bookmark this page and come back often.

As hunting season begins, you'll will find that cooking wild game using our recipes will be the perfect way to end a hunt!

Our Recipes

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