Vodka drink recipes, quick to make and, oh, so good!

These vodka drink recipes are great beverages to prepare your friends while the grill is going.

Check them out and enjoy.

Ginger Infused Vodka

Fantastic before-dinner drink


  • 1 Bottle of Premium Vodka (750 ml)
  • 1/2 Cup of Fresh Ginger/Diced
  • (Optional) Cranberry juice to taste and a squeeze of fresh limejuice.


    Mix the Vodka and Ginger in a separate container. Do however save empty bottle to pour infused Vodka back in later. Seal container and place in a cool dark place for 3 – 4 days depending on the desired flavor strength. Strain finished product through a coffee filter and pour back into original bottle. Finished product can be stored in the frig for up to a month if it lasts that long.

    This also makes for an incredible Texas Martini! Naturally add a little dry Vermouth. (Actually pour a dash of dry Vermouth over ice and mix thoroughly. Strain the remainder of dry Vermouth from glass so as to only cover the ice then add Vodka mix. Stir, pour and enjoy!

    Jalapeno Infused Premium Vodka (Tito’s)or Tequila (Silver – Corzo or Don Alvaro Blanco)


    Use same recipe as above. You’ll love it! Add 3 to 4 washed, clean jalapenos to your mix. I would suggest that you not age this one the full three days however, as 2 days would be sufficient. Best to do a taste test. If you like it really spicy, then allow another day. You will need to periodically shake this one, maybe at least once every 24 hours for best results. Strain then refill original bottle.

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