Unique Recipe For Calf and Turkey Fries

Recipe for Calf And Turkey Fries

Being raised in the city and having grandparents who lived in the country and raised cattle and farm animals had its benefits. The difficult part of this recipe will be to find the goods.

Once you locate somewhere to purchase these morsels, try and purchase them without the skin on them. If you can’t, no problem! Merely take your sharp buck knife and remove the skins.

Next, you will want to clean them thoroughly under cool water. You’re almost home free!

Cut them into thin slices (medallions) and dunk em’ in a flour and season mix. I prefer…………………………………………At this point, take em’ out back to the grill (stove portion) and cook in a cast iron skillet or cowboy wock, in grease (cooking oil) at approximately 350° or until golden brown.

Don’t worry about bringing em’ in to the house as everyone will be standing around eating em’ as quick as you can take em’ out of the skillet. You don’t necessarily have to tell them what you’re cooking until they’re all gone!

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