Tailgating, America's favorite pastime, especially for cookouts!

How it all got started

Tailgating, which I refer to as merely an extension of your Texas Backyard Barbequing, started at College Football games. All the fans and the alumni would gather outside the stadium in parking lots all over America and celebrate the upcoming game. Every Saturday throughout American, a college home game took on a whole new meaning.

Everyone would get together around the backs of their trucks and lower their tailgates and celebrate their team and the upcoming game.

At first it was mainly groups of people getting together outside the stadium and having a small party with spirits only, prior to the game. Then, as usual, some folks decided to take it another level and portable grills could be seen cooking hamburgers and hot dogs. This lead serious fans to take it a step further and all of a sudden you could see almost any meal cooked at home cooked in the parking lots. It seemed everyone wanted to show off his or her favorite recipes. Some folks have referred to it as a “Culinary Pep Rally”.


Last week at the Houston Texans football game, which by the way, the Houston Texans are billed as the Number 1 tailgating in the NFL, I decided to take a stroll through the Yellow, Green and Blue parking lots.

It came as no surprise to me that I encountered everything from ribs, briskets, tenderloins (both beef and pork), sausages of every kind and flavor, one of my favorites a good Cajunboudin, steaks of almost every cut, chicken…chicken and more chicken. There were some of the most incredible filets of fish, some cleaned and some on the half shell and so much wild game that you would have thought you were in a game preserve. Most everyone would share their fix’ens, but some sold them. I can guarantee you that these folks take their barbequing very serious.

You can probably thank ESPN for taking it to another level, as it was them, trying to fill their pregame time that they started interviewing, celebrating and giving national recognition to the tailgaters. Now it has gone to a new level indeed.

If you want to see some of the most fantastic grills being towed to some games, with team logos all the way with corporate sponsorship, just go to a game and walk the parking lots.

Be Prepared!

The key to a successful cookout is “BE PREPARED!” Make sure to have a checklist. This list should include supplies, tents and the traditional grill just to mention a few things.

In this section we will attempt to provide you with some killer ideas, recipes, games all the way down to what types of table and chairs you should bring along.

Communities across America that embrace this pastime have a few things in common; outdoor cooking at its best, camaraderie and folks who just plain and simply enjoy having a good time.

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