Tailgating Tent

Tents, gotta have them!

A good tailgating tent provides the tailgater with more than protection from sun and rain.

It also allows the tailgater to show his allegiance to his team and allow his fellow tailgater’s to recognize his position or location.

A tent also protects your base camp from the elements, including wind.

One of my favorite tents is the NFL Side Wall for FIRST-UP Houston Texans. The side wall provides protection from the elements (sun, wind and rain) and proudly displays your favorite team name and logo.

Those noon games can cause even the most seasoned tailgater to run for cover.

Tents not only show your team loyalty, but provide that protection. And just for the record, you can bet where you can find my wife, under the tent enjoying good conversation with her friends.

Guys….remember that, and make sure you have a tent or some form of awning at your next tailgating party.

Check out our store and find your tent for your next tailgating adventure.

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