Tailgating Tables

Tailgating tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

I firmly believe that most tailgating base camps need at least two tables. To me, the standard is an 8 foot table and I personally like the Houston Texans Tailgate Table with Net. I like it because when you are done eating and serving it converts to a table tennis top. Two for one, so to speak.

I also like a smaller size which in my case I use the Wild Sales Houston Texans 24X48 Tailgate Table. It seems to me as far as tables go, this one seems to be in constant use.

I can tell you which tables work best for me, but until you go out at least once, it will remain somewhat of a mystery.

Some folks like to have a picnic style table. Check out our Texas Longhorns Portable Picnic Table. This is a standard picnic table that folds up into it’s own case. These are great, comfortable and extremely practical and besides that, who doesn’t like the Longhorns?

There are also tables that actually fit into the receiver of your vehicle. I personally like the TailGator Tail Gate Hitch-Mounted Tailgating Table. This table allows you to sit at the back of your vehicle and is extremely easy to install.

I also like the Multi-Function Rolling Cooler / Table with Chairs Color: Red. This is a real nice set up that provides you with everything. All you need to do is add a tailgating tent.

Check out our store as we have provided some very good alternatives.. We know you will be happy……..

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