Essential tailgating supplies

When you start planning your trip, it is essential to think about your Tailgating Supplies. What am I going to need?

I always remind my friends, when you get there, if you don’t have it, you’ll most likely do without, and it will have an impact on the success of your tailgating party. Proper Planning is everything!

Tailgating supplies 101

Let’s start with what I call supplies 101. It literally covers everything you’ll need to take to your next tailgating outing.

Prepare a container for your supplies that has your necessities enclosed in single containers. I like to use a water proof container like the Plano Molding 1819 XXL Wheeled Storage Box. I like all my cooking utensils to be together. I do take my NFL Houston Texans 8-Piece Barbecue Set , which holds my spatula, large fork and tongs together for convenience, along with skewers, knives, cutting boards, BBQ mitts and my BBQ brushes for basting. I normally will store my charcoal, fluids and/or propane separately.

When thinking about tailgating supplies, I should point out two things you don’t want to forget to pack that are not related; a can opener and a lighter or matches. Do you think I forgot both at some point? I now go over my checklist and make sure that I’ve got everything I need depending on my menu.

Another container would contain all my seasonings, bowls, pots, pans, plates, silverware, aluminum foil (lots of this), paper goods in general, especially lots of paper towel, napkins, drink cups, table cloth and garbage bags.

Your coolers will contain the majority of your food, beverages, including lots of water both to drink and for the fire and oh yeah, be sure to take the wife a corkscrew!

Your condiments will largely depend on your menu. Go over your menu several times and don’t forget the salt, pepper, seasonings, and necessary sauces and butter if you’re going to throw any potatoes or onions in the grill.

I also like to pack snacks if I plan on staying late. Remember you can always bring home what you don’t eat. I always take chips, mixed nuts and some kind of sweets like cookies or cake of some kind. Naturally I have a sweet tooth.

Preparing your meats before the cookout

Regarding your meats. I always feel it is best to marinade your meats the night before and have everything ready. You don’t want to have to take all your seasonings with you, so I will sometimes premix everything in one zip lock bag (dry mixes) so that it’s very easy to apply and takes up less space.

Another tip is clean your grill prior to going to your tailgating event. This will allow you to take one or two less items. Do everything you can in advance. It will pay off on gameday.

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