Tailgating grills for your next cookout!

One of the most essential parts of tailgating are the tailgating grills. Unless you are towing your grill on the back of you vehicle, they should be extremely portable so that transporting it will not be a huge task.

There are a variety of grills you can choose from that will fit your particular needs.

One tailgater told me that your grill is somewhat an extension of your own personality. Many have team logos or if you are a NASCAR fan you can purchase a NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr. Keg-A-Que Charcoal Grill

In selecting your grill, you should take such things into consideration as how much cooking space will I need, do I care what the height of the grill will be, if so should I purchase a small grill with an additional stand or purchase a taller grill? Should I use charcoal or propane or do I want a straight smoker.

I like grills that actually fit on your vehicle, for example, one of my favorites is the Margaritaville G1000 Ride-Behind Tailgating Propane Grill that attaches to the receiver on your automobile and you can merely swing it out, cook your meats and never remove the grill from the hitch. Or you can purchase a Char-Griller 4747 Trailer-Hitch Kit that allows you to place your grill on an extension of your receiver/carrier. This gives you more space and flexibility even if you’re driving a pickup.

The most important thing here is you need to give this area a lot of thought to fit your individual needs. Again, do you want a charcoal grill or would you prefer a propane grill? Each will require additional items that will need to be packed.

When using propane

If you take propane, make sure your tank is full or take an extra tank. There is nothing worse than running out of fuel. The same applies with charcoal and lighter fluid or your starter.

Personally, tailgating is the only time I use liquid starter fluid, but that’s a personal choice. There are a variety of tailgating grills you can choose from and hopefully you can find one that fits your need exactly at our store.

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