Tailgating Games

When one considers playing tailgating games, you must take into consideration your surroundings. Be aware that normally you are in a parking lot full of cars and other participants, some tailgating, some not. It is for this reason that you should give your games much thought.

Football, the best game for tailgating!

One of my all time favorite games is naturally a football. You can always find someone to participate in a simulated football game or just straight catch. Most all men, and a lot of women, love to throw a football. Next on my list of favorites is a game called “Corn Hole”. It has many names, from bag toss to bean bag toss, but all are pretty much the same.

This game actually requires a lot of concentration and accuracy. It can be played be anyone at almost any age, as long as they can throw the bag of corn. You can evenget game with your team logo on it, like the Houston Texans Tailgate Toss

My next favorite game would have to be the old standard, “Washers”. I’ve included several varieties of this game with and without team logos. Check out the Triumph Sports Washer Box Tournament.

These games are easy and fun to play, while the set up is extremely portable.

One can’t mention tailgating games without adding ________toss to the list. There are several varieties of this game and all are similarly played. The difference is in what you throw. I have also included several versions in our store so you can choose which one fits your personal liking the best.

A word of caution, watch out for the parked cars!

And finally, one can’t cover tailgating with mentioning horseshoes, yard darts and the old stand by, playing cards. I mention these last only because I have a little problem with standard horseshoes on concrete pavement. I also have the same problem with yard darts, as it seems everyone seems to get a little carried away with these games.

Therefore my advice is,

“Have Fun, But Be Careful and Respectful Of Others Property!"

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