Texas Stuffed Jalapenos Recipe

This stuffed jalapenos recipe is a hit wherever I go, I am always welcomed back (as long as I bring them again). First introduced to this about 7 years ago by my cousin Scott. Thanks cuz!!

Texas Stuffed Jalapenos

By Mark Mohr (Certified Native Texan)


  • 20-24 three inch long, firm jalapenos (fresh)
  • 1 Pound "Queso Fresco" (my preference for high melting point), You can use Substitute With Monterrey Jack or Mozzarella.
  • 2 Pounds Bacon - do not use thick sliced.
  • 25 Toothpicks.

Directions: Cut cheese into small 1/2 inch pieces, and set on counter to soften.

Lop off the top of the peppers (I trim the pepper around the stem and set aside for other things such as pico de gallo). With a narrow paring knife, carefully clean out seeds and membrane. Try not to cut through outer edge of pepper.

Stuff cheese pieces into peppers, filling up to the top. Try not to split the pepper by pressing the cheese in too hard.

Take a stuffed pepper and a slice of bacon. Cover the top of the pepper with an end of the bacon slice. Bring the other end of the bacon slice towards the bottom of the pepper and twist around the pepper stopping at the top. Punch the toothpick through (about an inch from the top) to keep bacon in place. There are pepper holders available that are simply a raised metal platform with holes cut out to rest the bottom of the peppers in. This is to reduce the amount of cheese that could escape. I used to lean the peppers against each other before I purchased a holder.

Cook about 1 hour or until bacon is done. Try to cook near the edge of your fire to prevent the bacon grease from causing flare-ups. You may try cooking in oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, then transferring to the pit for the smoke flavor.

Prep time one hour after you have done it a few times, but well worth it. And of course, watch where you put those jalapeno soaked fingers for a day or two. One might want to wear some sort of latex glove during the cutting and deseeding process.


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