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Brief history on the steak fajita recipe:

I have read that back in the early 1930s in South and West Texas, during cattle roundups, beef were butchered regularly to feed the hands.

The throwaway portions, such as the head, entrails, and meat trimmings (what we call today beef skirt steaks or fajitas), were given to the Mexican vaqueros (cowboys) as part of their pay.

Back then the only people who enjoyed this meat were the cowboys and their families, because of the limited quantity of the meat. There are only four skirt steaks per beef carcass, yielding about 8 lbs. of meat.

As reported in the Austin Chronicle Newspaper, Sonny Falcon, the meat market manager of Guajardo's Cash Grocery in Austin, Texas, liked to experiment with ideas for using the tough skirt steak in recipes. You can say Sonny Falcon pioneered the steak fajita recipe!

According to the article The Return of the Fajita King in an interview with Sonny Falcon, by Virginia B. Wood, in the Austin Chronicle, March 4, 1995:

"I looked at that cut of meat and said to myself, 'It looks just like a belt,'" he says. "The first fajitas I ever saw, I made myself right here in the 1960s." According to Falcon's version of fajita history, he figured his new creation would popularize an affordable cut of meat and attract more business to the family store - if he could just get people to taste it.

"Anytime dad would cook fajitas in the backyard, all our friends would ask to come over,” recalls son John Falcon. "Dad knew he'd come up with something great."

The Fajita King!

In 1969, Sonny set up a concession stand at a week long outdoor event in Kyle, Texas. He also went to rodeos, fairs, and outdoor festivals on nights and weekends selling his fajita taco to the crowds of appreciative people. His fajita recipe was a hit!

Sonny became personally identified with the dish by the late 1970s. An Austin reporter christened him "The Fajita King," and the name stuck. Sonny now owns the trademark on that term. He also tried to trademark the word "fajita" but was turned down.

No matter who discovered or came up with the first steak fajita recipe, we at are glad they did!

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As good as fajitas get!

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