Propane smokers, tools of the masters!

Propane smokers seem to be very good options to the normal wood smokers. They allow you the convenience of not having to build up the wood fire and continuously add fuel to the fire to maintain temperature.

You can put a tenderloin on the smoker, set the temperature for 225 degrees, and walk away for 3 hours. You'll have a beautifully cooked medium rare tenderloin that your friends will think you spent 8 – 12 hours preparing. This holds true for all your large roasts, such as rib eyes, sirloin or ribs.

This smoker is a hit with all PitMasters. Note: Make sure you have additional canisters of propane on hand in the event your primary can runs out. Its a sad feeling running out of gas in the middle of your BBQ.

As far as cost, these smokers can range the gamut from several hundred bucks to several thousands. Check out our reviews for some of the more popular units out there.

NOTE: We are in the process of uploading our first set of Reviews. Please check back often. Thanks Folks! and Sorry for the delay...

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