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As many of us realize, BBQ'ing is somewhat of a social icon not only in Texas, but also throughout the South. Texans prefer beef as our number one choice of meats, but pork comes in at a close second.

The slow cooking of pork enhances the flavor and the tenderness of the meat. Whether you are cooking a pork roast, following a pork ribs recipe, grilling pork chops or steaks, pork can be a mouth-watering experience for you and your guests.

One thing we have learned about cooking pork is, use your sauces last, so as to not burn the meat. If you remember this and follow a good pork recipe, like the ones you'll find here, you will be in for a special treat (even tho’ it’s not beef, laugh, laugh).

Brief history……

In the early days, folks would allow their pigs to run free and forage for themselves, so they would not have to feed them. When times became tough and food supplies were low, they would then go out and hunt the pigs. That would feed them in the tough times.

Folks still hunt feral hogs today in the wild. Most will blend the meats with their venison to make sausage and other tasty morsels.

OK, enough history for today, let's go out and cook some pork!


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