Starting An Outdoor Kitchen Design?

Read This Important Information

Hire a good contractor

When starting to build your very own outdoor kitchen design, you need to consider whether to hire an experienced contractor versus doing it yourself.

DIY outdoor kitchen projects involve quite a lot of serious planning and work. If you have not personally completed a construction project at home, its in your best interest (and your wallet's!) to hire someone that has done this kind of stuff on a daily basis.

However if you go ahead and attempt it, you will need to be proficient in plumbing, electrical work, masonry and tile laying among many other things.

Building permits

Whether you use a contractor or not, be advised that you are probably going to need a building permit, yes, even for an outdoor kitchen design. This requires your going in with a copy of your survey, outlining boundaries and showing your exact plans.

Call your local agency prior to breaking ground and make sure you have all the necessary items required for your jurisdiction. Remember, “Do your homework”.

Outdoor kitchen design checklist:

  • Step One: Analyze your space verses your needs, and most importantly, your budget.
    You will need to decide up front exactly what you want and how you plan to set it up. If you have some great outdoor kitchen ideas, make sure that you have them written down with as much detail as possible. You do not want to make changes on the fly on this type of project.

    Outdoor kitchens usually have built in BBQ grills, cook tops, sinks, refrigerators (some with freezers), icemakers, wine chillers, keg tappers, cabinets for storage and wood storage areas. What do you require or want in your kitchen?

  • Step Two: Location; do you have a patio already in place where you plan to build your outdoor kitchen?
    If so, this could save you dollars in that you would not have to pour another slab. If you are thinking about building your outdoor kitchen on an existing deck you should be advised that it might require much reinforcement to hold the extra weight. How close do you want the cooking area to your home? These are all things to be considered.
  • Step Two: Consider all materials to be used.
    You must make smart choices based on climate and how you plan to winter up. What type of counter tops? What kind of appliances, what type of flooring, what type of tile?
  • Step Three: Additional space
    Once the outdoor kitchen design is done, you must then consider such things as your serving area, eating area and possibly a separated conversation area to enjoy prior to eating and after eating. This is where you might want to consider a fireplace or fire pit area.

Keep a Record:

Make drawings of your designs to where you can go back and refer them. Once a project starts, your costs will start climbing higher and higher if you continue to make changes on the fly. Every detail should be worked out prior to starting your project.

If you prepare and document everything before construction begins, you will be have an outdoor kitchen sooner than you think, and your wallet will be thankful!

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