Killer Texas BBQ and Outdoor Grill Recipes!

When discussing BBQ and Outdoor Grill Recipes you quickly come to the realization that what Bob likes, Bubba doesn’t. Hence we have literally thousands of different recipes and they are all called the same thing, only with minor variations. Naturally everyone says "mine is better than yours."

We have not only attempted to provide you with the makings of some good outdoor cooking experiences, but are trying to also give you the opportunity to experiment and come up with some of your own personalized outdoor grill recipes.

There's also recipes of more traditional accoutrements, including hors d’oeuvre’s, side dishes and desserts. Since I have an incredible sweet tooth, we'll be placing a high emphasis on this area as well, including the traditional cobblers (apple, cherry and peach), pecan pies, banana pudding, cheesecakes and brownie fudge cakes to mention a few. Hopefully you will enjoy these as much as we do!!

So whether you are learning how to grill chicken or how to barbeque, these easy grilling recipes will make you a master at the grill and a hero with your family!

If you'd like to get some quick pointers on BBQ or grilling first, check out our Grilling and BBQ tips for some quick advice to get you going.

Our Recipes! Enjoy!

Pass it on...

At we're all about sharing and allowing other people to enjoy a fine meal, so we'd like to ask you, if you come up with something killer, either a unique outdoor grill recipe or a new twist to an ol' favorite, how about sharing it with us? Chances are many other folks will like it too. Put your recipe on the web site!

Just to let you know though, if the recipe belongs to someone else and you’ve enhanced it, please include their name as well. We want to always give credit where credit is due.

Rocking while you cook!

We would also like to know what kind of music you listen to while BBQ’ing. Afterall, you gotta have some good tunes to complement the outdoor cooking experience. Also what are your favorite "store bought" sauces?

Do let us know as we are very curious and in a short while we’ll let you know what the results are to this survey and what other people are doing.

Here's To Great Cookin’

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