Meat Smokers, Authentic Smoked Flavor

Cooking with meat smokers is usually much slower than other methods. It provides a much lower heat source and can take up to three times longer to cook your meats.

Yet, smokers allow one to literally infuse the flavors into the meats with an end result that's definitely worth your time.

Smokers now come in a variety of shapes, sizes and even types. Usually, Outdoor Smoker Grills are either a horizontal or vertical models. You can opt for charcoal or Propane Smokers. There's now even the convenience of Electric Smokers.

How To Smoke Meat

Most smokers have either an offset firebox or multiple chambers built-in. Rather than cooking directly under the fire, you place your meats off to one side, called indirect cooking. Meats take longer to cook, so you can literally set the whole thing up, and leave it for a couple of hours. Just be sure to replenish your fire every once in a while.

The "Smoke Ring"

While the heat is slowly cooking your meats, they will absorb the smoke generated by the fire. The meat is reacting to the nitrites/nitrates (and carbon monoxide) in the smoke and forms a pinkish color around the surface. In fact the mark of a good BBQ is the "smoke ring".

However this is not what gives the meat the flavor. The smoked flavor is due to aromatic compounds in the smoke itself. For example, soft woods such as pine are a bad choice because they contains turpentine like compounds, end result? nasty tasting BBQ. Mesquite on the other hand, especially green wood (as opposed to aged wood) will impart a strong smoked flavor.

You also want to maintain the meat moist as it cooks. Most smokers have water pans, which can be used to increase moisture. You can add anything from water, beer, apple cider or any liquid concoction you desire. So there you go, if you are learning how to smoke meat, just follow the tips we mention here and you'll be a smoking pro in no time.

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