Meat Preparation Tips for your next BBQ

Check these simple meat preparation tips for your next BBQ or grill. Enjoy!

  1. The brisket: A great BBQ tip I picked up recently is, when purchasing a brisket at your local grocer or market, be sure to pick up the brisket and attempt to bend it in the middle so that each end touches. If it doesn’t, pick up another until you find one that does.

    This will ensure that your brisket does not have too much fat (lean). However, if it is your intent to smoke the brisket, it is not always best to have the leanest piece of meat possible. Go with more fat.

  2. Cooking ribs: When cooking your ribs, my BBQ tip is to cook them slow. Ribs are naturally high in fat, so cooking them in a low heat will allow most of the fatty tissue to cook off. They will be tender but not fatty.
  3. Cooking sausage: When cooking sausage, a remember what you are looking for is flavor. My BBQ tip is be very picky when selecting your sausage.

    Always remember to not overcook sausage. You don’t want them so dry that you have to wash each bite down. Make sure to leave a small portion of the fat intact so you have a little moisture.

    Additional Tips:

    - Meat will continue to cook after you remove it from the grill. Some grillers refer to this as resting. In my humble opinion it is a crime to overcook meat. You should always allow it to maintain some juice, so if you do take your meat off the grill to rest, take it off early and cover it and put it in a warm holding place.

    - When grilling you should always leave approximately one inch in between you meats so that they cook evenly.

    - Pre-marinate your meats but do not baste your meats until they are almost ready, to avoid bacteria and this will also keep the meat from burning.

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