Making Jams And Jellies

Looking for all natural recipes for making jams and jellies? Well you have come to the right place!

Jams and Jellies, the American snack...

While jams and jellies come in dozens of flavors and varieties, nine flavors account for more than 80 percent of total U.S. production.

The most popular are grape jelly and strawberry jam. They are followed by grape jam, red raspberry jam, orange marmalade, apple jelly, apricot jam, peach jam and blackberry jam, in that order.

An additional 28 flavors are commonly produced, but they account for less than 20 percent of total production.

Of that 20 percent we are adding some of our favorites homemade jams and jellies to the list. They include jellies that not only compliment your morning toast, biscuit or bagel, but also compliment you BBQ.

Have you ever tried jalapeno jelly on pork? Trust me on this one! Not only does a good horseradish enhance it’s flavor, but just try a little of that smooth jalapeno jelly on it………You’ll love it!

How about a tasty rhubarb jam? Its just simply delicious!

Recipes for homemade jellies and jams:

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