Quick and Easy Kiwi Jam Recipe

This tasty Kiwi Jam Recipe will be a hit with your younger family members.


  • 3 Cups Chopped Kiwi
  • 1 Package Powdered Pectin
  • 1 Cup Unsweetened Pineapple Juice
  • 4 Cups Sugar
  • 4 Half Pint Jars and Lids


In a large saucepan, combine kiwi, pectin and pineapple juice.  Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.  Add sugar, stirring until dissolved.  Return to a rolling boil.  Boil 1 minute at that level, stirring constantly. 

Remove from heat: skim foam, if necessary.  Ladle hot jam into hot jars (very important to make sure jars are hot or they could break). Leave 1/4 inch headspace at the top of the jar.  Adjust 2 piece jar caps (for all you non cooks that merely means the two piece jar lid) and make sure these are hot also when applying.  Hint: My sister always just places the jars and lids in a large pan and brings them to a boil.

This recipe should make about 4, 1/2 pints.


Cooks Notes:

It is very important to always seal your jelly jars if you plan on storing them.

There are two methods for doing this. When you’re making a small batch like we have described above, after you have filled all the jars and placed lids on them, put them in a large pan, add enough water so that you cover the lids and bring to a boil for approximately 10 minutes. Once you remove from boiling water the lids will start sealing within 5 minutes.

The other method is to merely turn the jars upside down and rotate approximately every 20 minutes to keep the pieces of fruit well mixed until you hear the lids pop/seal. The way to test this is to push down on the top of the lid. If you can push down on the lid the jar is still not sealed, so you should continue turning the jars. Takes a little more time but either way works!

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