How To Cook BBQ Chicken

Want to learn how to cook BBQ chicken? Look no further! We’ll show some BBQ chicken recipes that we think you’ll like!

As you’ll soon learn, some people like their BBQ chicken sweeter than others, so what we’ll do is provide a sweeter BBQ chicken recipe and a BBQ chicken recipe that I call, Texas style BBQ chicken.

Some of these recipes that we will add in this section are not just the standard BBQ chicken, others are grilled chicken recipes, and yet other recipes are grilled, fajita style. Then to make things interesting we’ll add some drunken chicken recipes. No matter the cooking method, they are all hits!

Many consider the chicken to be one of the healthiest meals today. It is protein packed, and as my daughter would say, "No Sugar... No Carbs!"

Go ahead and check them out. By the way, if you have any great BBQ chicken or grilled chicken recipes of your own, share them with us! You get all credit, and folks get a great chicken recipe for their next cookout!

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