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How to Barbeque:

Many folks have a misconception of what barbecuing really is. This term is often used when someone has a backyard party and throws food on the grill. That, however, is not necessarily a barbeque (or barbecue).

This page has some handy tips that will show you how to BBQ and how to grill correctly.

For starters, check out the video below that talks about direct vs. indirect heat.

How to Barbeque - Using indirect heat:

As you can see from the video, a more accurate meaning of barbecuing is using indirect heat, a very slow method of cooking your meats, and lot's of smoke!

So rather than placing your meats directly above the fire, you place it away from the direct flame and let the indirect heat slowly cook the meat. This means a lower temperature and longer time cooking. When you cook this way, the low, constant heat breaks down the connective tissue of the meats while the smoke is absorbed. End result? soft flavorful meats infused with a smoky flavor. Oh boy! Makes your mouth water!

If want to know How to Barbeque using a grill, its actually very simple. There are numerous barbeque tips about this, and they all recommend the same thing, just light one side of the grill, place the meat on the other side, close the lid and let the indirect heat do its magic! This technique will allow the meat to cook slower, create a more "smoky" flavor, and not burn the meat.

Other barbeque tips talk about adding flavor to the smoke. So what is that? Just add some wood chips soaked in water to the fire while the meat is cold. This will allow the meat to absorb more of the wood chip flavor.

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How to Grill:

Grilling on the other hand is when you place meat on a more direct fire using either propane or charcoal. This method is faster, more convenient if you will, and is better suited for steak, fajitas, ribs, pork chop, chicken breast, fish, lobster, shrimp and vegetables. A buddy of mine has a saying, "I can cook just about anything on a grill, at least anything that's worth cooking!" Thanks Jeff!

The fast cooking time allows the grill to sear the meat, literally locking in the juices. This allows you to experience flavors from the food that are almost impossible to achieve indoors.

Grilling is quickly becoming a favorite American pastime as it allows you to experience the camaraderie with friends or family and be in the outdoors.

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How to Barbeque - Basic Items:

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Naturally one must start with some form of grill, whether it is a charcoal, a smoker or a gas grill. Once the grill is in place, you will need a fuel source. You will use either wood, charcoal, propane, or natural gas, depending on your grill. Many barbeque tips mention this, If you are using propane, always make sure you have adequate levels of full to complete the task at hand. I would suggest to always keeping a spare full tank available. It is a very low feeling to be half way through your cooking process and run out of fuel.

Next, be sure to have a good set of tongs and a spatula for turning your meats while on the fire. Here is where a good set of cooking gloves will be handy also. As your meat is cooking, it is important to have basting brushes to reapply your sauces.

A must when cooking certain meats is a meat thermometer, this is especially needed on things like whole chickens or roasts. Another item that most people overlook is adequate lighting. It seems that we grill a lot after dark and good lighting is essential for properly prepared meat.

Most other basic tools that will be required are normal kitchen items. Metal skewers, pots, pans, bowls, knives, cutting boards, and the like. If you plan you meal properly you can see exactly what items will be required.

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How to Barbeque - Tips and Tricks:

I wrote a couple of useful barbeque tips, from meat preparation, to grill setup here ... check them out! (Barbecue tips)

Parting thoughts...

Next time you’re outdoors grilling or BBQ'ing with family and friends standing around talking, prepare your appetizers and literally serve them right off the grill. You'll see just see how much more this adds to overall experience!

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