Best Grilled Steak Tip!

Grilling steaks are probably one of the most common forms of grilling. Everyone wants to throw a great steak on the grill. There are some cuts that you definitely want to enhance the flavor of by adding rubs or marinate. Some cuts are left alone and maybe a coarse black pepper or kosher salt is applied, as the flavor will stand on it’s on merit.Everyone likes his or her meat prepared differently. Personally I like a medium rare piece as this allows you to experience the juices of the meat. Never cut into a steak as it is grilling or it will loose its juices and dry out. Most savvy chefs use what is called the finger test or the poke or push method. I have included pictures below that will describe how this method works.

Normally you never want to cut or put a fork into your meats to test doneness while grilling, as this allows the juices to flow out and makes your meat dry. Most experienced grillers will use what is called the finger test; poke test or even the push test. Many other sources have long held that if you put your thumb and index finger together, then feel the meaty part of your hand at the base of the thumb, this is how your meat should feel when it is rare. If you perform the same task, only using your middle finger to the thumb then feel the base of your thumb that is what medium cooked meat feels like. If you place your ring finger to the thumb and feel the meaty part of the thumb, this would be medium well done. And if you take your pinky finger to the thumb and feel the base of the thumb that is what well-done meat would feel like. These tests actually work pretty well and will get you close to where you want to be. The more you practice this method, the better you will become at gauging you meat’s doneness. Remember however that most meat will continue to cook after you remove it from the grill (referred to as resting). Be careful to not overcook your meats.