Grilled Tenderloin Recipe

Cook's note: This tenderloin is not a straight grilled-type recipe per say. You'll see that we've used a smoker for the primary cooking. The grill part comes into play when you want to add that extra crunchy-ness to the outside of the meat. End result? A very tasty "grilled" Tenderloin!


  • Choice cut Beef Tenderloin
  • Tony’s Canadian Steak Seasoning
  • Hickory or Cherry Wood Chuncks

Directions: Here is a very simple recipe this is one of my favorites. Here's why: Reason #1, it tastes so good! Merely rub your whole tenderloin in Tony’s Canadian Steak Seasoning. Reason #2, put on a smoker at 225 degrees and walk away for three (3) hours, how simple is that?. Your tenderloin will come off medium rare. If want to add a crispy surface, you can sear it over direct fire on your grill. For additional smoky flavor, I add hickory or cherry wood chunks (But that's not necessary).

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