T-Bone Grilled Steak Recipe

Chef's note: If you are taking the time to prepare a fantastic meal, like T-Bone grilled steak, start by purchasing nothing but “Choice Cuts” of meat when cooking that special dinner. You can spend a lot of time and money preparing a great meal, but if the meat is not the best, all your endeavors to grill a great steak will be in vain. This is true for t-bone as well as any other cut of meat.


  • 1 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Fresh coarse ground black pepper
  • Fresh garlic.

Directions: Cover steaks with light coating of extra virgin oil. Then rub with Sea Salt and coarse ground black pepper and fresh garlic. Sear each side until crisp, and then cook for approximately 8 –10 minutes per side for medium rare, or as desired. Never poke a steak with anything other than your finger while cooking. Poking or cutting the meat will cause it to dry out. I personally don’t like the idea of letting meat rest as I really do like my meat hot (and generally you will have at least 5 minutes before eating). So if you like it the same way, you will need to coordinate the rest of the meal so that when the meat comes off the grill you are ready to eat………………I also use this same rub on “Sirloin” and “Prime Rib”.


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