Grilled Steak Recipes

Here's a compilation of killer grilled steak recipes we've compiled as a result of years at the grill. Some of them are our original creations, and others have been kindly shared by our friends.

These easy to make grilled steak recipes will give you an excellent headstart into the art of preparing a perfectly grilled steak! So lets begin!

As with any other cut of meat, the hallmark of a perfectly grilled steak is the tenderness and flavor. To achieve these two goals, just follow a couple of easy, simple steps. If you stick to them, you'll be cooking up a great tasting steak in no time!

  1. Don't overcook you meats! Use a meat thermometer to check how done the meat is. If you are learning how to grill, remember that the meat is still cooking even after taking it off of the fire. There is a great way of checking the meat without a thermometer. Its called the "poke test" and works amazingly well. Check it out!

  2. Don't cut your steaks while still on the grill. This will cause the meat's juices to drain out.

  3. Turn your meats only once or twice max. There's no need to constantly move the steaks, except to sear the cross hatch pattern of the grate.

  4. Ensure you have an even, controlled heat. If cooking with charcoal, start cooking after the briquettes have an ashen color. Watch our for any flare ups. It's OK to have some, but make sure you can control them. Nobody likes to eat burnt steak!

If you have a recipe for grilled steak of your own, Share it with us! You get all the credit, and folks get another great recipe they can try!

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