Grilled Seafood Recipes!

Want to try some finger lickin' grilled seafood recipes? Have a look at the recipes we have compiled here. We've made them in past cookouts and all have been declared runaway hits by our friends. See for yourself!

There are many kinds of fish ideal for grilling. Tuna, salmon, and red fish come to mind. Shrimp, and Lobster are also great.

Be aware that when grilling seafood, fish steaks in particular, the meat will flake and fall apart quite easily. Here's some tricks you can use to avoid that:

- Brush your fish with oil first: This will prevent the meat from sticking to the grill. Make sure the grill surface is clean and oiled as well. Olive or vegetable oil will work just fine.

- Use a wooden plank: Place your fish on top of the plank. Cedar is a great choice. This is an easy way to protect the steak from falling apart yet still allow the smoky flavor to be absorbed.

- Use a metal mesh sheet: This sheet is perfect for fish. The openings are small to prevent the fish from falling into the flame. But they are big enough to let the fire through.

In addition to fish steaks, another favorite is grilling lobster. You can either prepare the lobster to complement a grilled steak or just grill the lobster by itself. Regardless, you'll cook up a very tasty treat your friends and family will love.

Please bookmark this page and refer back to it often. We plan on adding more grilled seafood recipes in the future.

Our Recipes:

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