Grilled Oysters, Texas Style

Cook's Notes:

For any Grilled Oysters recipes, be aware of the "R" month factor. Oysters are the best in months ending in "R". Generally that would be September through December. I'd go a little further with this and add that any cold month the Oysters are better. You may ask "Why?" As the mating season ends in late summer, the oysters start to rebuild their energy for the upcoming winter months. This extra energy makes them firmer, cleaner, and much more tasty.


  • One dozen fresh oysters approximately per person.
  • Your favorite Barbeque sauce
  • A combination of horseradish sauce and tarter sauce
  • A dash of Tabasco sauce
  • A dash of Cajun Chef Hot sauce
  • Fresh lemon or lime on each oyster


When preparing oysters on the grill just remember to wash them thoroughly under cool water and leave them flat-side shell up.

Over a medium heat place the oysters flat-side shell up, close the lid and cook for approximately 4 – 5 minutes. The oysters will tell you when they are done, as the shell will pop open. Take the oysters from the fire and remove the top half of the shell (with an oyster knife if possible).

Replace on the grill and apply a small amount of your favorite Barbeque sauce. My favorite is a combination of horseradish sauce, tartar sauce, a dash of Tabasco sauce, and a dash of Cajun Chef Hot sauce together with fresh lemon or lime on each oyster. I mix the sauces together and apply at the same time. When you notice the edges of the oysters begin to bubble, remove from the fire and let the feast begin!

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