Grilled Cheese Burgers... Texas Original Recipes

Mike's Deluxe Grilled Cheese Burgers

Hamburgers on the grill should be just that. There are hundreds of recipes I know with fillers, such as bread crumbs, eggs, etc.,etc., etc., but I personally like the pure beef. Check it out!


  • Freshly ground chuck shoulder 80% lean
  • Serendipity Season Salt (or any seasoning salt)
  • Fresh course ground pepper
  • Minced Garlic, (or garlic powder)
  • Worchester sauce
  • Red onions or 10/15 Sweet onions (if available)
  • Green leaf lettuce
  • Texas Home grown tomatoes (if available)

Directions: Season the burgers by using Serendipity Season Salt by Jess Hall (my favorite) or a any seasoning salt, coarse ground pepper or with lemon pepper, garlic powder then add Worchester sauce. Add cheese when burgers are almost done.

Close lid on grill to allow cheese to melt. If you like, you can sauté’ your onions first, then put them under the cheese while allowing cheese to melt on top of the onions. Be sure if you use onion to use red onions or 10/15’s with home grown Texas tomatoes and fresh leaf lettuce. Don’t forget to warm the buns, either on the grill or in the microwave.

Note: Never press down on your hamburger with your spatula as this will remove the natural juices and make your burgers dry.


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