Grilled Burgers, Texas Style!

Ever heard of Texas Grilled Burgers? Well, my wife and friends really get down on me sometimes because according to them, I always have one in my hand when I am doing a cookout!

They say if I eat one more burger, I’ll turn into one. Sadly it’s true. I love a good, what I call “Texas Grilled Burger.” And here's why.

Burgers cooked on the grill are all about flavor. You can go vegetarian, but for the most part, the best tasting burger is made with an all beef patty. You can go extra lean, but I wouldn't recommend it. This is my own experience here - I've used lean meat on a couple of occasions and the results where disappointing to say the least. Not because of the extra money I paid for the meat, but the overall flavor was somewhat lacking.

Remember, when making grilled hamburgers, a portion of the fat and grease melts right of the patty, so start off with a higher fat content meat. I've found that freshly ground chuck, 80% lean - 20% fat is the ideal meat for burgers.

Avoid Frozen Patties!

Something else to keep in mind when cooking your grilled hamburgers: If you're starting with a frozen patty, make sure the meat is completely thawed out. Also after the meat is thawed, return the meat back to the frig (not the freezer) for 20 – 30 minutes prior to cooking. I've found that putting frozen patties straight on a hot grill causes them to fall apart and produce a dry burger at the end.

Summer grilling is all about having fun and making delicious grilled hamburgers. So make sure if you’re going to take the time to cook, that it comes out right!

Check out our burger recipes. We'll be adding more as we come back from our Texas adventures. Enjoy!!

Our Recipes:

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