Grill Preparation Tips...

Grill Preparation Tips

Follow these simple tips for a great grill or BBQ! They are quick and will make a difference in the quality of your dishes.

  1. Sart with a clean grill: Remove old ashes to ensure good air circulation. Also remove any cooked-on bits of old food from the grate. This will result in better flavor and quality.

  2. Propane grill: Check you fuel level to insure you can complete the task at hand. Always start your fire and place temperature settings on high, with lid closed. Re-clean grill prior to placing meat on grill. Turn back temperature settings to a medium to low level, depending on you menu.

  3. Charcoal grill: If using charcoal, start fire and allow charcoal to burn down. Coals should be covered with a gray ash, prior to cooking. You can place your hand over the fire to make sure you have an even heat flow. If necessary, move charcoal around accordingly. Never place meat on a fire that is too hot, you'll end up with flares and burnt meat.

  4. Wood chips: Different woods provide different and distinct flavors to the meats. In Texas we seem to use what is plentiful - and that would be oak, mesquite, pecan and maple.

    Let’s not forget that apple, cherry, alder, hickory and even sassafras can be had or purchased at some of your specialty stores.

    Always thoroughly soak you chips in water prior to adding to the fire or chip container (unless you are adding to an already lit smoker).

    Oak works well with beef, mesquite works well with almost anything, pecan is great with poultry, maple with pork or poultry, apple works well with pork or poultry and maybe try the cherry with you next venison dish.

    Add your chips early as the meat tends to soak up more flavor in the beginning. The colder the meat, the more flavor it will absorb.

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