Gas Grill Reviews, What To Look For

When searching for gas grill reviews, remember, not only read the good reviews, pay attention to the bad ones as well. Maybe a particular model has a certain defect everyone is complaining about.

Just like everything else, the more expensive the model, the better materials it will be made out of. Yet, its still a smart idea to check out what folks are saying about the grill you are interested in buying.

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Gas Grills vary from simple one burner models to more elaborate units. Some of the best grills feature 5 or more burners, infrared cookers, built in illumination, and much more.

So whether you are planning on taking your cooking on the road or want to setup a permanent backyard kitchen, there's a model out there that's the best gas grill for you.

Gas Grills, safe and convenient...

Gas grills have been around since the 1960's. If you've never cooked in one, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the number of features available, even for entry level models. You can opt for either propane or natural gas. Either way, you'll be assured of a constant heat, instant fire, and fast cooking. And even though you are using highly flammable gas, these grills are safer than charcoal cooking! You can turn off the gas grill tank at a flick of a switch. Not so with red hot charcoal.

Which grill is better for me?

There's a ton of models available and every manufacturer claims to have the best gas grill. The process of finding the right one is not too bad, once you have answered 4 basic questions, and checked out some gas grill reviews.

  1. What is your budget?
  2. Are you looking for a stand-alone unit or a portable grill?
  3. How many folks do you usually serve?
  4. Do you grill often or just once in a while?
With these four quick questions answered you can start narrowing your selection quite a bit.

Your Budget

Set a budget range you will feel comfortable with. By setting limits before hand, you can immediately discard those units which fall outside your zone.


If you want a portable grill, the cost will be much lower than a stationary unit. Just be aware they but may not be as sturdy or have the capacity and durability of a stand alone model.


This really depends on how many people you typically cook for. Do you really need a large grill that can feed an entire army, when you only cook for a small family? (unless you are big eaters, chances are, no not really).


If you consider yourself an adventurous type, buying a grill that has additional cooking features may be a great buy and will allow you to try out different cooking techniques / recipes. On the other hand, if you don't like to spend more than what is necessary to produce a great grilled steak, a model with basic features will work just fine.

Build Quality

Another thing to consider is build quality, a good grill is an investment that should last on average 10 years. You can buy a cheap model, but remember, quality and reliability may not be up to snuff. If you are checking models in a store, how does the floor unit look? Is it wobbly? Looks cheaply made? If so, chances are it will fail on you after the first few sessions.

Grill Categories

Gas Grills can be broken down into three basic categories:

Portable grills:

These are great for on the spot cooking. They typically range from 90 to 250 dollars, depending on the size. They usually have one burner and either cast iron or enameled grill surfaces. Check out the Weber 516002 Q 120 Gas Grill for example.

Standard stand-alone grills:

For most families, this can be the best option. You can find some with multiple burners, enamel finish and sleek steel accents. Capacity for these grills can vary, depending on the size of the cooking surface. Read some gas grill reviews on these units before you buy! Check this model out, its the Ducane 31741101 Affinity 4100 Propane Grill, Black.

High end grills:

These are the Cadillac of grills. Costing thousands of dollars, you can be assured that these stainless steel units will give you many years of grilling pleasure! These models have a number of features not found in cheaper units. What do you get for your money? How about side burners, infrared cookers, stainless or brass burners, higher capacity, built in lighting, ample storage, and lastly, the satisfaction of having the "biggest and baddest" grill in your neighborhood. Just make sure to check the gas grill reviews for the unit you are looking to buy. Check out the DCS : BGB36BQARL 36in Built-in Gas Grill, 3-25,000 BTU Burners, Heavy-Duty Rotisserie Motor - LP. Its a beauty!

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