Electric Smokers, the convenience of electricity

Electric smokers allow for more constant temperature control. When using them you only need to use 2 – 5 ounces of wood to create that smoky flavor. The down side for many is that they do not allow for crispness or crust on your meats. The reason? these smokers seem to retain more moisture/water. For smoked fish recipes, however, they are a perfect match.

Another down side to this type of smoker, per owners that I have spoken to, is that the electrical cords always seem to be too short. So be sure that if you attach an extension cord that you don’t use a 16-gauge cord. You must use a 10 –12 gauge cord for your smoker to work effectively and efficiently, and to avoid the risk of an electric fire.

Also, be sure you are not plugged into a circuit that is used by other appliances. Otherwise, you may end up tripping the circuit breaker if there is a current overload. This is not a bad thing, since you want to protect yourself from a fire, but its annoying if the circuit breaker keeps tripping the power off!

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