Charcoal Grill Reviews

When searching for charcoal grill reviews, I strongly suggest you talk with folks that have actually used the grill model you want. Yes, its good to learn about all its features, but how does it perform in the real world?

I would suggest you not only read the good charcoal grill reviews, but also read the bad ones (especially the bad ones). Why is that? Well you want to see if there is a pattern in those complaints. Does it rust easily? Is it too small? Is it to bulky? Is the hardware durable? Is it too expensive for what it offers? You get the idea.

If you check out our online store, you will see that we have quite a selection of name brand grills, from small portable units to large stainless steel charcoal grills. You can check them out and read the reviews posted on each one.

One thing all Charcoal grills have in common is, you need to use charcoal to get a fire going. While some may call this messy and slow, the end result can be an exquisite smoky flavor that gas grills simply can't touch. Yes you can use wood chips in a gas grill to get a "smoked flavor". But many would argue its just not the same.

You can also BBQ your meats with barbeque charcoal grills. All you need is indirect heat and several hours of cooking time. Try that with a gas grill. Most gas grills will not run cooler than 250° F. Even if you could bring a low flame, it would take several canister to feed a flame for several hours to achieve a true BBQ cooking experience.

There's also something very special about folks gathering around by an open fire, seeing the sparks fly, smelling the smoke rising from the air, and well, the camaraderie of gathering around an open fire while the meat is cooking!

The best charcoal grills, like their propane/natural gas cousins, should last several years, depending on the build quality.

As far as complexity, most of these grills are simple in construction, with the bottom of the unit fitted with a separate platform for placing the charcoals, an enameled or cast iron cooking surface, a mechanism for raising or lowering it, and a lid to increase heat circulation.

Charcoal grill warning

Something to keep in mind is that for small or confined spaces, a charcoal grill is definitely not recommended. The fumes generated by this type of cooking can be toxic if allowed to accumulate. So don't even think that it can be brought inside your home to double as a cheap heating source!

OK back to cooking, remember the 4 points I talk about when selecting a gas grill? Well, the same applies to the best charcoal grills. Make sure you read them.

In the end its all about the cookin'

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