And the best outdoor gas grill is...

Gas grills come in many shapes and sizes. But for the most part, all gas grills fall into three categories, Small Portables, Moveable, and Built In.

PORTABLE SERIES:These grills are small units designed for easy transportation, either to your next camping trip, or your next tailgate party.The price on these units will typically be less than the moveable or built in grills. But don't be fooled by their size, they can still cook half a cow, (except not all at the same time)

MOVEABLE GRILLS:These grills are probably the most common of the three. It is small enough that it can be rolled around your backyard, but large enough to prevent it from being packed in the truck of your car. For the typical family who likes to grill on the weekends, this may be the best match and best bang for the buck. Most manufacturers have several grills in this category. What will set some apart from others will be in the feature and cooking capacity.

BUILT IN:Welcome to the Cadillacs of grills. These stainless steel beauties typically form part of an outdoor kitchen setup. So no, you can't move them around once they are installed. Also, the price for one of these luxury grills will be on average in the thousands, and have many more professional features than either the portable and the moveable series. Their capacity to grill meats, vegetables, or whatever you can think off, is much higher as well.

To make this a fair comparison, we are dividing our best gas outdoor grills into various categories, charcoal grills, gas grills, and smokers. This way, only type competes with each other .

These recommendations by the way are based not only on our impressions of the grills, but also on the reviews from all grill aficionados from all over. So if you don't agree on a particular recommendation, well then please write us! We might just change the recommendation if enough folks respond.

OK, so what qualities do we look for in a grill? For all three categories, the qualities remain the same: Price: How expensive is the unit compared to its competitors.Features: For the amount of money you are spending out, what features come with the grillBuild Quality: Will the grill last you for a number of years or will it break down quickly?Size: For portables, this may be a big issue. Can it be easily packed and moved. How quickly can it be set up again?Capacity: How many steaks/burgers can you cook at the same time?WOW factor: OK maybe this one is not as important. But for the master griller, you want your gear to stand out.

There you have it, our selection criteria for the best grills out there. We hope you find these recommendations useful and save a buck or two in your next purchase.