Easy Beef Brisket Recipes... Enjoy!

Beef Brisket Recipes are like personalities. There are literally hundreds of different brisket recipes on the web and in cookbooks.

We made this site to provide you with what we deem to be some of the best smoked brisket recipes available online, and also to share some tips and techniques that will enhance your own smoked brisket. So let's get right to it!

Cooking Times

Typical recipes require cooking the brisket over low heat for up to 18 hours depending on the size of the brisket and the temperature in which you are cooking.

For example, a 7-10 lb. beef brisket on a smoker could take 15-18 hours and requires the chef to continually check the meat and keep the fire stoked to maintain heat.

You can add mesquite, hickory, cherry, alder, maple or pecan at one end of the pit for flavoring. Remember to never let the fire get directly on your meat.

Make sure the smoke crosses over and around your meat (vent properly). Use tongs (never pierce the meat with a fork or knife if you can help it) and turn your meat occasionally.

You can also do barbecue ribs this same way in about 3 hours, barbecue chicken in 2 hours and steak in 15-20 minutes on the smoker.

So check out our brisket recipes. We're continuously adding more recipes, so please bookmark this page and come back often!


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