Justin's Favorite Barbeque Prime Rib

Cook's note: To really let the taste of barbeque prime rib come through, just follow this simple recipe. Remember to keep the fire going by adding charcoal every hour or so. This recipe requires about 4 hours cooking time. Be patient, the end result is worth it!


  • 1 Whole Prime Rib
  • Salt (Kosher or Sea Salt)
  • Coarse fresh ground black pepper
  • Jess Hall Spicy Serendipity Seasoning

Directions: Rub in seasoning thoroughly. Cook on smoker at 350 degrees over mesquite charcoal or regular charcoal with mesquite chips for approximately 4 hours or until medium rare. If one of your friends doesn't like medium rare, just place their piece on your grill until the desired level is achieved. It's better to grill this piece than to put your prime rib back in the smoker, since you don't want the whole prime rib to overcook and dry out.

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