Backyard fire pits can add a touch of class to your next cookout!

Permanent fire pits

The most common permanent backyard fire pits are built from stone. Usually they are round in nature and are approximately four to five feet in diameter. They are typically about twelve to eighteen inches high.

Most people prefer to do a flag stone walkway around the pit for easy access and a more finished look. It also allows you to strategically place lawn furniture around it for you guests.

These projects can be either done by you (if you have time) or by a contractor specializing in stone/masonry work. Since the construction is not as significant as a complete kitchen, most likely you will not need any building permit.Before hiring a contractor, ask them for pictures of previous work and call up some of their past clients.

Portable fire pit

These are the most common form as they are very inexpensive and can be moved quite easily. Most of these models contain a cover so that the ashes are somewhat contained. The basic construction of most models are made from either steel or fire retardant material.

The small chiminea, would fall into this category also and usually will use pinion as fuel (which can be purchased in small quantities and burn quite easily).

Regardless of which type you get. You can be sure once the fire gets going, folks will gather around it and have a great time.

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