Pork Chart and Cooking Time

This handy Pork Chart is ideal for all you folks looking to grill or BBQ pork. It will make you an expert on the various types of pork cuts available.

Pork, or "The other white meat", is great either grilled or BBQ'ed. You'll find great food nutrition information on pork anywhere you look. For starters, its high in protein and low in fat. Its also high in zinc, vitamin B6, thiamin, selenium, riboflavin, phosphorous, and many other nutrients.

Honestly, I don't cook it just for for the nutritional value though, its just downright tasty. So anyway you prepare it, its nutritious and delicious!

These diagrams are brought to you courtesy of our good friends at the National Pork Board.

Pork Chart

Pork cooking chart- time and temperatures:

The diagram below lists times and temperatures for different pork meat cuts (very useful info to know!). Pork is not very forgiving when cooked on the grill. What does that mean? Well, if its overcooked, you'll definitely know it. Instead of a soft, juicy, tender morsel, you'll get tough, dry jerky. So just follow the guidelines in this diagram and you will be OK.

You can download it for future reference, or better yet, bookmark this page and come back often!

Cooking Times and Temperatures

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