Deb's Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe

Cook's Notes: After many years and hundreds of grilled lobster tails recipes Deb finally created the tastiest recipe ever. It has become a household favorite.

If complimenting the lobster tails with a steak, begin cooking the meat first as the lobster tails will not require as much time.


  • 2 6oz to 8oz lobster tails
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 lemon
  • Salt and pepper

Directions: If the lobster tails are frozen, start by thawing them to room temperature or by placing them in a plastic bag and then submerge them in a warm bowl of water.

Next create a basting sauce. Melt the butter in a small dish in the microwave, or warm in a small pan and remove from heat. Mince the garlic and add to warm butter. Add one tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice and stir.

Lay the tails thin shell side down on a cutting board. Using kitchen sheers, cut the tails down the thick side of the shell part way through the meat, but leave shell in tact. Gently pull apart, to expose the meat so that you can baste. Place a skewer down the thin shell side of the lobster to keep lobster from curling while cooking. Using a brush, thoroughly baste the flesh side of the tails with the butter mixture.

Clean and oil the grate to prevent sticking. Using a gas grill, turn the grill to medium-high heat. For charcoal, distribute the coals so there is an even heat.

Once the grill is hot, give the lobster tails one last baste, add a bit of salt and pepper and place them flesh side down on the hot grill. Be careful of flare-ups from the dripping butter. Cook flesh side down for 4 to 5 minutes. Flip the lobster tails to shell side down. Baste with the butter mixture several times during the next 5 - 6 minutes until the lobster meat is firm and opaque.


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