Chet's Brisket

Chet’s Texas Smoked Brisket


  • 10 – 14 Pound Brisket (Or Larger)
  • Fiesta Brisket Rub
  • Texas Hill Country Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/3 Bottle Of Allegro Hot n Spicy Marinade


Start by rubbing down your brisket with the Fiesta Brisket Rub, (or you can use your favorite rub). Next load your firebox with wood and get your fire going.

Put the brisket on the pit and shut off the top damper (leave the bottom one open), and let the brisket smolder all night. The pit should be running 100 – 150 degrees. The next morning,add more wood, (you might have to re-light).

Bring the pit up to 300 degrees. If the thermometer is located on the top of the lid, it is probably 100 degrees less on the rack, so work your temperature so that it is 300 degrees on the rack.

Cook brisket one more hour, then pull off and inject with the olive oil all over the brisket. Next make a foil boat. Laythe brisket inside your foil boat and pour on 1/3 bottle of Allegro Hot n Spicy Marinade.

Finish wrapping the brisket with foil, mashing in all air pockets (this will keep the juices in the meat). Cook between 300 – 350 degrees until foil feels like it has jello inside. Itshould want to fold, not be rigid.

No applause yet…..Now…..slice, serve and expectcompany every holiday.

Chef’s Notes:

If you don’t to cook overnight and want to start early in the morning, start the brisket early and cook at 300 degrees until dark brown, then inject with your marinade, wrap and go from there. Enjoy!!!

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