Quick BBQ tips for your next cookout...

These BBQ tips are for you if you've ever had a great recipe on your hands, followed it to the letter, but your meal was a little off. Maybe even big time off... ended with beef jerky when you really wanted a rare porterhouse steak?

If that is the case, well don't fret, sometimes you just need to get some basics down first.

Most of these bbq grill tips and techniques are fairly simple and can be done right away. The end result, however, may mean a truly memorable meal vs. a "burn the meat and eat" cookout.

Check out the "Doneness Check". Its a very useful way to check how well the meat is done, without using a thermometer!

BBQ and Weather

In Texas our weather is somewhat different than the rest of the country. Believe it or not this should be taken into consideration when cooking outdoors. Why? You must realize that the outdoor temperature (know as the ambient temperature) can affect you cooking times.

If it’ s warm, with no wind your meats will cook faster as your grilling temperature will remain constant. If it’ s cold and windy, your meats usually will take longer to cook.

Also be aware that you should not continuously open and close the lid to your pit. This will also cause your cooking temperature to increase and decrease and not allow for your meats to cook evenly.

BBQ Grill Tips:

Wash everything after handling raw meats. Don't use the same plates for holding raw then cooked meats. That's an invitation to some nasty illnesses, think e-coli.

Coat grate with olive or vegetable oil prior to placing meats. This prevents meats from sticking to the surface.

Don't like chicken skin? Remove it after the chicken is cooked. The skin prevents the meat from becoming dry when grilling.

Start cooking when the fire is medium hot - You can hold your hand on the surface for 3 to 4 seconds. If you need to yank your hand just after 1 second, wait a little, the fire is too hot. If you can hold your hand for 5 or more seconds, add more charcoal, or group charcoal together.

Getting flare ups? Remove the meat from the direct flame. Sprinkle a little water in the flareup to control it.

More Barbecue Tips and Techniques

Looking for more cooking tips for gas grills or for charcoal grills? These additional BBQ tips will be very useful.

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