Our BBQ Rubs and BBQ Mops

Most BBQ Pitmasters will tell you that BBQ Rubs and BBQ Mops are key components to their success.

Rubs and Mops have a definite value in the overall cooking process of the meat. Not only do they enhance the flavor, they also increase the moisture of the meat, making your meats more delicious to eat!

Here you'll find some of our standard Rub and Mop recipes. We encourage you to try them in hopes of enhancing your next barbecue outing.


The BBQ rub itself is definitely a must in the smoking process. BBQ Dry rubs are used to coat the meat. They literally seal in the moisture and provide your meats with additional flavor. Rubs tend to form a caramelized crust as well, which adds an extra flavorful burst of crunchiness and smoky flavor!

We have attempted to supply you with some of our personal favorite dry rubs in this page.

Be creative as well! Experiment by adding some of your favorite ingredients to one of these rubs and make a completely new recipe! Sometimes this leads to truly wonderful discoveries. Just make sure you are jotting down what you add and how much. After all, you may want to make your original dry rub again!

BBQ Mops

BBQ Mops are normally used to enhance the flavor of the meat and maintain its moisture. You can use BBQ mops while grilling, but BBQ mops should be used only in the last 10 minutes or so of the cooking process. Your typical BBQ mop has a lot of sugar, so you want to avoid burning it while on your meat and have it taste bitter.

You can also use a BBQ mop after the meat has come off the spit, prior to being served. By adding your BBQ mop then, it will make your meat not only more flavorful, but it will also add moisture.


Dry Rubs:


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